Adding Modern Safety Features to Older Cars

Adding Modern Safety Features to Older Cars

This day and age you can add several features when purchasing a brand new car. These features may include a GPS system, Xeon lights, high-performance stereo system, or an advanced driver assist system (ADAS). With technology changing so quickly, what happens if you already have a reliable vehicle, but it does not have the new technology? This is where aftermarket options come into play which can be added to vehicles which are already on the road.

With the option of purchasing aftermarket products, you can decide what brand and features you want to have on the device you are purchasing. One aftermarket product commonly being placed on vehicles is an advanced driver assist system. These types of systems are used to help prevent and reduce severe accidents from happening.

Safe Drive Systems provides an affordable aftermarket collision avoidance system with audio and visual warnings. The RD-140 and the RD-140 RDR are unlike factory installed systems, in that a small radar is placed behind the front bumper. The radar updates information 20 times per second and can detect if you are following the car ahead of you too closely. This feature only works when the vehicle is traveling above 15 mph. Unlike camera-based systems, the radar to detect front end collisions is not affected by weather conditions such as fog or bad weather.

Depending upon which model you purchase, the radar can detect an obstacle in front of you and also if you wander to the left or right side of the lane. The upgraded model has additional radars and a camera, which is hid behind the rearview mirror to read the lane markings. With the combination of additional radars and the camera, the system provides visual and audible warnings for forward-collisions and lane-departure warnings. The visual and audible warnings come from a unit which is mounted to the top of the dash. The dash top unit will display green, yellow, or red lights based on how close obstacles are to the front bumper or if you wander into another lane.     

With the fall and winter seasons approaching quickly, contact Safe Drive Systems for more information about installing a RD-140 or the RD-140 RDR system. With the capabilities of updating any vehicle or motorcycle by spending far less than purchasing a new vehicle, Safe Drive Systems can provide you with added protection.

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