6 Benefits of a Lane Departure Camera

6 Benefits of a Lane Departure Camera

Numerous vehicle safety systems involve cameras. In some systems, they provide a visual of areas that may be more difficult to see, such as blind spots under the rear windshield when backing up. They may also be connected to accident prevention software, such as with certain parallel parking systems.

In-car cameras that monitor driving itself have been used on police vehicles for decades. These have helped to improve work quality and training for officers while providing a source of impartial evidence in the event of an arrest.

In-Car Monitoring Systems

When it comes to privately owned and company vehicles, in-car camera systems bring a number of benefits to the board, including:

  • Protection of property: If people know they are being taped, they are less likely to engage in damaging or dangerous activities with your vehicle. This can protect your car from vandalism and theft. In the case of corporate vehicles, it reduces liability as people are less likely to mess with your company fleet.
  • Increased accountability: Parents with teen drivers will appreciate technology that monitors their children while on the road. Teens are more prone to having poor driving habits and engaging in dangerous distractions, such as texting. Having an in-car camera will help keep teens responsible. In the case of corporate vehicles, these systems can help employees use the vehicle more responsibly as well.
  • Improved safety: Since monitoring drivers with a camera system helps increase accountability, it also improves safety by extension. Drivers will be more likely to obey traffic laws and avoid dangerous activities, such as drinking while driving.

In-car camera systems serve numerous purposes that help decrease liabilities involving the use of your motor vehicle.

Safety and Accident Prevention

Some camera systems come as part of an accident-prevention system, which has the express purpose of keeping the driver out of danger while operating a motor vehicle. The cameras on these systems perform a variety of functions depending on what the system is intended to do.

In many cases, the camera is hooked up to software that gives alerts to the driver or even helps control the vehicle. For example, automatic braking systems will stop a vehicle if the camera detects an imminent crash. In the case of the RD-140 collision avoidance system, a camera is used to monitor the road and prevent lane departure. Some of the advantages of this include:

  • Reduced risk when multiple distractions are present, such as when loud children are in the car
  • Safer highway driving
  • Accident prevention late at night, when fatigue may lead to lane departure
  • Improved protection for teen drivers, who have a tendency to drift in the lane
  • More warning of accidents when driving in adverse weather conditions
  • Compensates for human error when driving

The camera on the Safe Drive Systems RD-140 works in connection with the radar and advanced warning system. This system sounds an alarm when lane departure or collision is imminent, giving the driver the warning needed to avoid an accident. In order to learn more about the advantages of Safe Drive Systems RD-140, contact us today.

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