Is Safe Driving Systems Device Compatible With All Cars?

Is Safe Driving Systems Device Compatible With All Cars?

Vehicle safety features have become more common on vehicles since the turn of the century. Anti-lock brakes, increased numbers of airbags, and more thorough onboard diagnostics systems have all become the norm for cars in recent years. Collision avoidance technology has also become prevalent, with many vehicles coming from the manufacturer with their own radar and camera based systems. These systems may prevent everything from dings during parallel parking to rear-end collisions on the highway.

Not all cars have these systems preinstalled, however, and not all aftermarket systems are affordable. This is why Safe Drive Systems developed the RD-140 collision avoidance system. On compatible vehicles, it can alert drivers to dangers on the road and help them avoid accidents.

Safe Drive Systems Aftermarket Systems

The SDS RD-140 Premier System includes both radar-based forward collision avoidance technology and a camera-based lane-departure warning system. The RD-140 RDR only includes the radar, and is a bit less costly than the Premier System. Their purpose is to be an affordable way to get reliable crash avoidance technology on cars that lack their own preinstalled systems. In other words, if you have a slightly older vehicle, you can enjoy the same benefits as someone with a newer, fancier car.

Compatibility Issues

So now we come to the big question: Is your car compatible? The answer is that it most likely is, especially if it was made after the year 2000.

Most vehicle models that came after the turn of the century are compatible with Safe Drive Systems. In addition, some vehicles manufactured prior to 2000 may also be compatible. So if your car is a 1997 model with the right features and configuration, for example, SDS radar technology will be able to protect you while on the road.

Any questions regarding whether a vehicle is compatible should be directed toward Safe Drive Systems.


If your vehicle is compatible, installation of your RD-140 or RD-140 RDR system will be handled by one of our professionals. The installation begins with the radar being placed behind the grill. The display unit goes on top of the dash, and the speaker for the audible alerts is hidden underneath. The computer unit is then plugged into the car’s computer system. For the RD-140, the lane departure camera is installed behind the rear view mirror.

To find out whether your vehicle is compatible or to learn more about the collision avoidance systems we provide, contact Safe Drive Systems today.

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