How Icy Roads Can Affect Your Driving

How Icy Roads Can Affect Your Driving

We are all familiar with the winter surprise ice storm— the roads become empty, schools close down, and businesses follow suit. Sure, people make jokes about bad drivers when the outside world closes down, but the reality is that icy road conditions can pose a serious threat to drivers everywhere. While drivers often start their journeys in these conditions carefully, many can become too comfortable over the course of the drive and start to fall into the routine of driving, potentially delaying their reaction time. When any driver’s attention is compromised, even for a second, the consequences can be dangerous— the driver could cause someone to run into them, could themselves run into another driver, or deviate from the road and become involved in a collision.

When there is any type of precipitation on the road, particularly ice, the surface area under a car’s tires is compromised and causes the tires to lose traction, or “grip”. When a car loses its traction, it loses the ability to stop in the same amount of time as when the roads are dry. These conditions already delay a vehicle’s brake system, and when a driver loses concentration for even a second, an accident can result. Take into account other factors such as the tread on tires, wind blowing outside, or the status of the car’s repair, and the damage can multiply.

Ice is a particularly tricky bad weather culprit, as it often presents itself a simple puddle of water on the road— leading even the most careful of drivers to slide. Even when the ice and snow has begun to melt on a road, there are often patches of ice that become completely clear and can hide under the melting mess, known as black ice. In instances like this, drivers can be cruising at a comfortable pace and can be caught off guard when the tires lose traction.

Safe Drive Systems offers a service that can give a driver that all-important extra second of warning before a frontal collision, or straying from a lane. Safe Drive Systems understands the importance of any warning to prevent an accident, and has developed a system that can be installed in any vehicle made after 2000; however, some vehicles made before 2000 can accommodate a collision avoidance system. With Forward Collision Warning and Lane Departure Warning, Safe Drive Systems ensures that the driver of a vehicle has the best chance possible to avoid an accident, even in bad weather.

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