How to Be a Defensive Driver

How to Be a Defensive Driver

Chances are, if you’ve ever been issued a speeding ticket or other traffic violation, you’re familiar with the concept of defensive driving. Defensive driving classes are often offered in lieu of a fine for minor traffic offenses, in part because learning how to drive defensively is one of the best ways to avoid future accidents. While operating a motor vehicle, it is crucial that the driver is always on the “defensive,” with the acknowledgement that one simply cannot trust other motorists to always do the correct and safe thing. Many drivers struggle to react properly in adverse situations and fail to maintain a defensive mindset behind the wheel.  Panic often takes over, which causes the decision making process to become severely compromised. Defensive driving is a learned skill and, like anything else, requires knowledge and practice. With the following quick defensive driving tips, you can provide yourself with a sense of confidence and that will ultimately lead to safe and satisfying driving experience every time you hit the road.

Keep a proper and comfortable following distance

No one likes a motorist that “tailgates,” or follows extremely closely behind the vehicle in front of it. Traffic laws generally indicate that you should have about 2 seconds of “stop time” in between your vehicle and the car in front of you. This allows for the proper amount of reaction time in a potentially dangerous situation, most notably to avoid a rear end collision. In adverse weather conditions, this following distance should double, as the road could be quite unpredictable and dangerous.

Monitor external factors, and never drive distracted

The radio, your passengers, food, drinks, stress, etc.: There are so many things that can distract the driver from the mission of operating a vehicle. It is important to always keep these factors in check, and to take yourself off the road if you cannot. If you’re exhausted, emotional, or under the influence of a substance, it is always better to find an alternative to driving. One second of distraction could mean tragedy.

Equip your car with an accident warning system

Often times, it can feel impossible to shut out distractions from your driving environment. From children making noise in the backseat to a cell phone call, the car can become a stressful space. Crash warning technology systems such as the RD-140 can provide motorists with real time alerts to danger, and this technology has the luxury of never becoming distracted. These systems are like a “get out of jail free card” for the driver that may lose focus or concentration. To learn more about RD-140 and a safer driving experience, contact Safe Drive Systems.

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