How to Keep Your Teen Driver Safe

How to Keep Your Teen Driver Safe

Every September, studies show the number of car accidents spike involving teenage drivers.  Most of these accidents occur not because teenaged drivers are irresponsible, but simply because they are inexperienced.  So when you and your teenaged kids are preparing to go back to the school routine, don’t forget to brush up on some safe driving tips.

Take Extra Care in School Zones

To and from school is probably one of the first routes your young driver will take.  This is why it is important to remind teenage drivers that when they are driving to and from school, they are not the only young driver behind the wheel and take extra caution.  School zones and parking lots are full of inexperienced drivers, making them stressful places for even the most seasoned driver to navigate.  Respecting speed limits in school zones, looking out for pedestrians, awareness around school buses, and being patient are a few tips which need to be discussed.  Also, remind your young drivers to take their time on their way to and from school, because safety is more important than a schedule.

Don’t Become a Chauffer

A teen with a license and a car attracts a lot of attention from their peers.  It can be hard for new drivers to turn down friends looking to get a ride, but even a single additional passenger raises the risk of being involved in a fatal crash by as much as 44 percent.  This risk is the same whether the additional passenger is a significant other, friend, or sibling. 

Minimize Distractions

Between other passengers, smartphones, navigation systems, and the radio, there are a lot of things fighting for young drivers’ attention.  Encourage young and inexperienced drivers to commit to minimizing these distractions.  First, this means putting the phone away and keeping it there.  New drivers should opt for the radio or a set playlist, rather than scrolling through their phone’s music library.  You should also encourage your teenage driver to stay close to home as they are getting comfortable behind the wheel.  Sticking to familiar areas will prevent new drivers from having to fuss with navigation technology.

Encourage Teens to Take Responsibility

Most parents are terrified of the very thing their teen drivers are thrilled about: newfound independence.  It is important for parents to realize that they will not always be with their kids while they are driving.  This means the responsibility of safe driving is on the driver alone.  You will not always be there to tell your kids to turn down the radio or keep both hands on the wheel.  If you illustrate safe driving practices and openly discuss the responsibility a drivers’ license entails, your teenage drivers will be more likely to practice safe driving when you’re with them and when you’re not.

Contact Safe Drive Systems

Odds are, your teenage driver is highly attached to their technology.  So why not give them technology which will keep them safe behind the wheel?  Safe Drive Systems’ technology will act as a new driver’s extra eyes and ears to constantly survey road conditions.  With advanced lane departure and potential collision warnings, our systems reduce the stress of inexperienced driving.  Call SDS today to give your teen driver the technology to keep them focused and aware behind the wheel.

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