RD-140 Systems and Benefits

RD-140 Systems and Benefits

Collision warning technology is quickly becoming an extremely popular and desired quality that helps drivers and passengers feel safer in the car. In a world and driving environment full of distractions, collision warning technology systems provide necessary insurance, and can even be the difference between an accident and avoiding one. The RD-140 is one of the most advanced and reliable forms of this technology, as it has a comprehensive network or warning systems to ensure that you are completely safe at all times. What makes the RD-140 so effective?

  • Display unit – the RD-140 is equipped with a sleek display unit that provides the driver with both visual and auditory warnings for every possible collision or lane departure. This allows the driver to be stimulated by multiple senses, eliminating the ability of something like the radio to tune out the warning.
  • Radar – the built in radar of the RD-140 continuously scans the road 20 times per second. This allows the system to anticipate any and all possible hazardous situations and trigger responses efficiently.
  • Camera – the camera of the RD-140 gives the lane departure warning 0.5 seconds before crossing the lane. This allows for an extremely quick reaction, permitting the driver to adjust before it is too late.
  • Monitors all types of vehicles – a remarkable aspect of the RD-140 is its ability to monitor any kind of vehicle up to 460 feet ahead. Bikes, motorcycles, and any other vehicle you might find on the road is picked up by RD-140’s technology, ensuring that nothing slips through the cracks and goes unnoticed.
  • Weather conditions – The RD-140 operates perfectly in any weather condition. Rain, sleet, snow, sun, you name it, and RD-140 can handle it. In addition, the RD-140 system also works at equal strengths during the day and night. This makes potentially dangerous late night driving feel more comfortable, as you are provided with an extra set of eyes.
  • Installation – for your convenience, we can install the RD-140 at your home or office, at a time that is convenient for you. We understand that you live a busy life, and that investing in this technology is important to you.
  • Warranty – the RD-140 systems comes with a safe, 3 year warranty. You can feel secure knowing that your investment is protected.

If you’re looking to equip your vehicle with crash warning technology, look no further than the RD-140 system. Contact Safe Drive Systems with any questions or to ask about installation.

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