SDS Reduces Fatal Collisions This Summer by Offering Discounts to New Customers

SDS Reduces Fatal Collisions This Summer by Offering  Discounts to New Customers



World’s Most Sophisticated Accident Avoidance System

Combines Radar and Camera

New York, NEW YORK, August 1, 2017 − In light of recently published statistics by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that confirms that the summer months, between Memorial Day and Labor Day, witness the highest number of fatal road collisions. Safe Drive Systems, the leading developer and distributor of advanced, active, auto safety technologies, has announced that it is offering new customers, a $150 voucher for the purchase of the world’s most sophisticated platform for avoiding accidents. Safe Drive Systems is the perfect combination of safety and saving!

“What makes the RD-140 Premium unique, is that it is the ONLY collision-avoidance technology in the market that combines both radar and camera,” notes Roy Aaron, industry consultant. “This powerful combination allows it to detect vehicles, at a distance up to 460 feet away ahead of you, which allows you up to 5 seconds of advance warning, as well as visually assessing lane markings in order not to veer from your lane. The RD-140 Premium defies the industry standard of just camera based systems with the only state of the art radar solution. The solution works day and night and is NOT affected when visibility is impaired, due to inclement weather conditions such as rain, storms, fog, or snow or any other situation where the driver’s vision can be compromised, such as glares from the sun” he explains.

RD-140 Premium can be installed in any vehicle manufactured since 2000, at the comfort of your own home, and comes with a 12-month warranty.

About SDS

Founded in 2008, Safe Drive Systems (SDS) was established with a simple mission − to save lives. For that reason, SDS’s affordable aftermarket collision avoidance devices are designed to maximize technology to prevent or reduce the severity of the type of vehicle accidents that, according to the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), cause 90% of vehicle fatalities. In 2016, the company began to market additional high-quality automotive technological solutions such as Android screens, smartphone car packages and a Cobra-code vehicle control system. Headquartered in New York, the company is passionate about reducing fatalities on roads and highways around the globe, and, as a result, over 100,000 SDS solutions have been deployed worldwide.

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