What Sets Safe Drive Systems Apart From The Competition

What Sets Safe Drive Systems Apart From The Competition

Safe Drive Systems understand that when you are out driving— whether it is going to work, running errands, or simply going for a drive— you are carrying precious cargo and while driving is an everyday task, it always has some element of danger. When you are driving, you are taking your life and health into your own hands and the hands of other drivers. As more and more researchers have studied the impact collisions have on passengers and the best ways to prevent them, many car manufacturers have begun to install cameras and sensors in their newer models to warn drivers of impending dangers on the road. While this newer technology has helped many families, those who have not purchased vehicles with these features find themselves at a disadvantage.


As a result, Safe Drive Systems has created a system that can be installed after market, and provides the driver with a warning so that he or she may effectively avoid a potential accident. Safe Drive Systems offers the RD-140 system, which consists of two preventative measures: a Forward Collision Warning, and a Lane Departure Warning. In combination, these two warnings can prevent the majority of collisions by covering the front of the vehicle, and protecting the side and rear of the vehicle from the potential of a collision as the result of a lane change.

The Forward Collision Warning scans 20 times every second by radar, and warns the driver when there is an object that is too close to the front end for safety. Many drivers are unaware of how far to be from the vehicle in front of them, and how to tell what a safe distance is. For this reason, the Forward Collision Warning became part of Safe Drive Systems’ RD-140 system.

The Lane Departure Warning uses a camera to warn the driver of a vehicle 1.5 seconds before crossing over into a different lane. Research has proven that this 1.5 warning can prevent a staggering amount of accidents, as the driver has reaction time to correct their action if needed before completely being in the next lane.

Safe Drive Systems is the only company to offer a preventative camera and radar system that is after-market. The system can be simply installed in any model later than 2000, and does not require a trip to the mechanic for additional installation. Through Safe Drive Systems and the design of the RD-140 model, the highest level of safety is finally available without the requirement of a luxury car, or even a new car. 

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