The Difference Between the RD-140 and RD-140 RDR

The Difference Between the RD-140 and RD-140 RDR

Making driving safe has always been a priority for manufacturers and drivers alike, and new technologies have come out to reduce many of the risks involved in driving. The collision avoidance systems offered by Safe Drive Systems help drivers avoid accidents by giving them a few extra seconds of warning in which to react. These systems, the RD-140 and RD-140 RDR, are affordable, reliable, and have been shown to save lives.

But what is the difference between these two systems? To understand that, we’ll first take a look at what you get with either one.

Forward Collision Warning

Both the RD-140 and RD-140 RDR provide forward collision warning. This means they scan the road ahead and provide warning to you when a crash becomes imminent. Both systems feature the following:

  • Radar scanning up to 500 feet ahead in any weather
  • Scans made 20 times per second
  • Allows for up to 5 seconds of extra warning time
  • Detects everything from motorcycles to bit rigs

The system analyzes the radar data to determine how close you are to whatever happens to be ahead of you. If you are too close, the system will give you a visual and auditory warning signal. These come in multiple levels depending on distance, each one sounding and flashing with more urgency to help you take action and prevent a collision.

Lane Departure

The one difference between these two systems is that the RD-140 includes a lane departure warning system in addition to radar scanning while the RD-140 RDR does not. This allows the RDR to be a more cost-effective option for drivers on a budget while still providing them with a high level of protection on the road.

The lane departure system on the full RD-140 uses a camera and computer system that gives the driver an extra half second of warning before veering out of a lane. Here’s how it works:

  • A camera mounted behind the front mirror watches the road
  • The computer interprets the visual data from the camera and tracks lane markings
  • If the vehicle starts veering over the lane, the alert sounds
  • Having a turn signal on overrides the warning

Since the majority of traffic fatalities result from lane departure, this additional technology is worth the price.

Both the RD-140 and RD-140 RDR are available to help drivers prevent accidents on the road. To learn more about each system and the features they offer, contact Safe Drive Systems today.

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