The Effect of Vehicle Accidents On Car Insurance Premiums

The Effect of Vehicle Accidents On Car Insurance Premiums

Even the most careful of drivers can find themselves in a fender-bender or accident once or twice in their lives. When accidents happen, the damage can be not only to your car, but to your insurance as well. Even one accident can cause insurance premiums to go up, especially for teenagers and men under the age of 25. Insurance is all about risk and whether an accident was your fault or the fault of another driver, the risk that the insurance company takes by insuring you becomes greater, and therefore drives up your rates. At Safe Drive Systems, we want the safest possible drive for you, so that your rates stay low and you remain safe on the roads.

Major Causes For Driving Accidents

Distraction is one of the most common causes for traffic accidents , and with the rise and development in technology, it seems to easier to become distracted while driving. It’s worth noting:

  •  80% of car accidents are caused by driver inattention
  • AAA reports that distraction was a factor in nearly 6 of 10 moderate or severe accidents involving teenagers
  • 90% of rear-end collisions can be avoided with 1.5 second early warning

How Much Am I Actually Driving?

With the changing economy in the past decades, Americans are finding themselves working longer hours and often having to drive farther to their jobs, making the roads congested and increasing the potential for a traffic-related accident.

  • A study released in 2014 revealed that Americans now drive nearly twice as many miles as they did in 1980
  • In the same study, it was found that Americans in 2010 spent an average of 34 hours in traffic congestion alone
  • 31 million people were injured in motor vehicle crashes in 2013

What Do Traffic Accidents Do To My Insurance Premiums?

Even one traffic accident can cost affect your insurance premium. After a wreck, it’s important to remember:

  • Your insurance is more likely to increase when you are at fault for a major accident
  • If you have been in a wreck and your driving record is not in good standing your premiums can shoot through the roof when your insurance is renewed
  • Depending on who is at fault for the wreck and whether or not you have any recent traffic violations can make your premium increase anywhere from 3% – 50%
  • The length that your premium stays increased depends on the state and insurance company.

Besides the damage-related costs, insurance premiums can become too high to afford even after just one accident. However, with the installation of one of Safe Drive Systems forward collision avoidance and lane departure warning systems to your car, you have a 90% chance of avoiding an accident before it happens and you may be able to receive a discount on your insurance premium through your auto-insurance provider. Contact us today to talk more in-depth about our RD-140 system and lane departure warning systems.

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