Top 5 Reasons to Have a Safe Drive Systems Radar

Top 5 Reasons to Have a Safe Drive Systems Radar

Many collision avoidance systems are available on the market today. In many cases, they come preinstalled on vehicles straight from the manufacturer. In other cases, they can be installed post-manufacture. The Safe Drive Systems RD-140 radar system fits in the latter category, and it has been lauded as being the only post-manufacture system to include both radar- and camera-based accident prevention. There are many benefits to using having this system installed on your vehicle, but the top five reasons are as follows:

  1. Complete monitoring: Whether they are semis, sedans, or cyclists, the RD-140 keeps and extra “eye” on the road for you, often detecting things that you cannot. It functions in all conditions, including rain, fog, snow, or darkness, and thus helps compensate for any inhibition to your own ability to see the road. The radar doesn’t miss a moment as it scans the road 20 times per second, making it both thorough as well as precise.
  2. Multisensory alerts: When a risky situation presents itself, such as when you are getting too close to the vehicles in front of you, the system gives you both visual and audio alerts. Flashing lights and an alarm go off in different colors and tempos depending on the level of the danger. By having alerts that call on both senses, the RD-140 increases the odds that you will react in time.
  3. Forward collision warning: As the radar scans the road ahead of you, it measures distances between your vehicle and those in front of you. This allows the system to analyze the situation and let you know of any risks that present themselves. This gives you the precious seconds of warning you need to avoid an accident, whether it’s due to unsafe drivers, weather conditions, or distractions.
  4. Lane departure alerts: The RD-140 uses a camera to monitor the lane markings on the road. This way, if you start to swerve out of the lane, the system will be able to alert you in time to prevent any accidents that may occur.
  5. Increased driver safety: This system provides complete forward collision and lane departure avoidance to all drivers. Whether you are driving at night, have a car full of kids, or are surrounded by aggressive motorists, the system gives you an extra alert to help you react to dangerous situations in time. This helps mitigate the significant impact that human error has on your safety, so it is well worth the investment to keep you, your passengers, and other drivers safe.

Safe Drive Systems offers both the RD-140, which includes radar and camera monitoring, and the RD-140-RDR, which includes radar only. The system you install will ultimately depend upon your needs and budget, but both will help prevent costly accidents. This spares you from the heavy costs of auto repairs, insurance premium increases, and—most importantly—fatal or serious injuries to yourself and loved ones. In order to find out more about the RD-140 collision prevention system and the benefits it provides to you, contact Safe Drive Systems today.

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