What You May Not Realize is Distracting You

What You May Not Realize is Distracting You

We’re all aware of the dangers of texting, making phone calls, applying last minute makeup, or checking social media when behind the wheel.  However, there are many activities which can take your eyes and mind away from the task at hand.  Taking your eyes off the road for as little as two seconds, doubles your risk of being involved in a crash.  This is why it is important to realize everything that may lead to distraction and potential collision when you are behind the wheel.  Here are some things you may not realize are putting you and your passengers at risk of a distracted driving collision.

1. Engaging with Passengers

Whether your passengers are adults, kids, or pets, they often take your eyes and attention away from the road.  Things such as turning to the side to look at a passenger, turning around to check on the kids, or even engaging in conversation can make it more difficult to deliver your passengers to their destination safely.  Simply talking to other people in the car has been found to be the leading cause of distracted driving accidents.  When driving kids, it is always a good idea to give them something to keep them occupied throughout the drive, such as a book or electronic device.  Pet restraint devices can also be used to keep your pets safe and prevent them from being a distraction.  Something as little as reminding your passengers that your number one priority is to focus on getting them to their destination safely may be enough to prevent a crash.

2. Adjusting Systems Within Your Car

Although several systems in your vehicle are designed to make your drive easier, more efficient, and more enjoyable, they can also be a serious source of distraction.  Driving is a complex task which constantly requires the attention of your mind, eyes, and ears.  Changing the radio station, adjusting climate controls, or reprogramming your GPS can compromise your ability to give the road adequate attention.  Studies have shown that fiddling with navigation systems behind the wheel can be as dangerous as texting and driving.  The safest practice is always to have your stereo, GPS, and climate controls set up the way you want before you start driving.  If you need to make an adjustment, pull over and save your immediate attention for safe driving.

3. Eating, Drinking, or Smoking

In today’s world, people live on tight schedules. This often tempts us to multitask behind the wheel, taking meals, snacks, and smoke breaks en route.  1 in every 100 fatal car accidents is related to smoking, which involves such practices as lighting a cigarette or disposing of ashes.  Twice as many can be traced to eating or drinking while driving.  Something as simple as taking a sip of your morning coffee on the way to work can be enough to cause a fatal crash.  The safest alternative is to drink your morning coffee when you arrive at your destination.

At Safe Drive Systems, we understand that as drivers, it can be difficult to resist all the distractions around us.  This is where our RD-140 System comes in.  With technology to warn you of lane departure or potential collisions, you will have the safe driving companion to ensure you and your passengers arrive safely to your destination.

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