Frequently Asked Questions

What products do you offer?

The RD-140 and the RD-140 RDR are both available for purchase. Both products are collision avoidance systems with audio and visual warnings. Having these warning systems in place can prevent you from head-on collisions, lateral impact collisions, and veering off the road.

What is included in the purchase of either system?

Both products have a radar that detects and processes moving object information from any sized vehicle ahead of you, including bicycles. These systems analyze up to 460 feet ahead and 20 times per second to give you prompt visual and audio warnings. In addition to the radar, dash display, and speaker system, the RD-140 includes a lane departure warning camera, which monitors lane position to signal if your car is drifting from your lane.

What type of signal does the system send me to avoid accidents?

The RD-140 and RD-140 RDR both generate Forward Collision Warning (FCW) audio and display alerts when the Time-to-Collision (TTC) drops to a dangerous threshold.

The RD-140 system also provides a Lane Departure Warning (LDW) audio and display alert when you drift into another lane.

Lastly, the RD-140 also generates Headway Monitoring and Warning (HMW) visual alerts when the driving distance from the vehicle in front you is less than a predefined threshold. This alert is a display of green (safe distance), orange (encroaching at an unsafe speed), or red (risks collision).

What makes a radar system better than a camera-based system for front-end collision prevention?

Thanks to the Doppler effect, a radar analyzes the speed of your car and distance to the vehicle ahead, figuring out in real time if you’re moving too fast towards that vehicle. The main advantage of a radar over a camera-only system is that it works in any type of weather conditions and can used in the day or night time. The RD-140 Radar scans the road 20 times per second, up to 500 feet ahead of you, providing up to an extra 5 second of reaction time. A radar also operates exceptionally well at high speeds – up to 85 mph for the RD-140 Radar – and off the road.

A camera-only based system, on the other hand, is not nearly as efficient at detecting all the important features necessary for safe driving. For example, a camera-only based system needs illumination at night, and the headlights might not always be enough, making it less reliable during night time or darker hours. Additionally, any inclement weather, such as rain, snow, and even fog, could cause the system to not detect – or even falsely detect – obstacles. Camera-only systems also have a much shorter range for detecting vehicles ahead of you compared to radar-based systems, meaning a driver with a camera-based system doesn’t have as much reaction time as a driver with a radar-based system.

What types of objects can your Forward Collision Warning System detect?

Our Forward Collision Radar only detects metal objects in front of your car, including any size vehicle, and even a bicycle. It does not detect pedestrians, animals, or other non-metal objects.

How does the RD-140 Collision Avoidance System get installed on my vehicle?
  1. The radar unit is discreetly installed under the bumper or behind the grill, out of view.
  2. The lane departure camera goes behind or next to the rear view mirror.
  3. The display unit sits on the dashboard.
  4. The speaker is hidden under the dashboard.
  5. The “brain” is hidden and plugs into the car’s computer system.
Who would install the system in my car?

Once you purchase the system with one of our representatives, one of our professionals will come to your door and install it in your car. You will also be shown how to properly use the system in order to become comfortable with it.

Is the system compatible with any vehicle?

Most cars made after 2000 are compatible with our system. However, we do install our system on some cars made before 2000.

Please call us at 833-737-7283 for questions regarding vehicle compatibility with the full RD-140 system or the RDR Radar only system.

How much is the system?

The system’s cost varies depending on the type of system you are getting, current promotions, and other factors.

Speak with a representative at 833-737-7283 or Contact Us to find out the exact price of the system you’re looking for and see if we’re running any promotions.

Do you offer any payment plans?

Yes, we have multiple interest-free payment options. Give us a call at 833-737-7283 or Contact Us to learn about various payment options.

Do insurance companies offer discounts for collision warning systems?

Some insurance companies provide discounts for customers with collision avoidance and lane departure warning systems in their car. Please call your insurance provider to find out about any rebates they may provide you.

Keep in mind that our system will save you a lot more on your insurance premium than any discount even if you prevent only one accident.

What sets Safe Drive Systems apart from the competition?
  1. Our systems come with a 12-month warranty.
  2. In most cases, our certified installers come to your home or office to do the installation, while other companies often make you take your car to a certified installer and leave it with them. Also, our customers know the exact price of the product and any installation fees or charges. There are no surprises. With other companies, customers don’t always know the price of the installation ahead of time.
  3. We offer a variety of flexible, interest-free payment options to fit any budget.
Which number should I call to learn more information?

You can call us directly at 833-737-7283.

Where can I submit my contact information?

Visit our Contact Us page. One of our specialists will contact you back within 24-48 hours at the phone number or email you provided.

Who do I contact if I have technical issues with my system?

Please contact your installer directly or write to us on livechat, and we will get back to your ASAP.

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