Fleet Safety

The number one cause of higher premiums to fleet owners is an insurance company’s reaction accidents.
Fleets owners know all too well that money spent to cover claims can severely hurt a company. Furthermore, because insurance companies consider driving history when calculating rates, more incidents against your company’s profile will create higher premiums. Safe Drive Systems can help fix this problem.
Being the leading developer and distributor of aftermarket anti-collision radar systems, Safe Drive Systems has a revolutionary solution to meet the threat of accidents and the skyrocketing costs associated them. And now, for the first time, our RD-140’s advanced radar and camera technologies have been integrated with a telematics capability. This technology provides real-time analysis and warnings of potentially dangerous driving conditions before they occur, keeping your drivers alert BUT also informing fleet owners of risky driving behavior. Imagine being able to identify those bad driving habits that put your company at the highest risk, and being able to correct and monitor those bad habits. Safe Drive Systems will help you conduct your fleet business at the highest safety possible.
All the vehicles will be equipped with SDS’s RD140 Anti-Collision Radar System, supplemented with the SDS Fleet Management System (FMS) including real-time tracking abilities, report generation software, driver behavior scoring, and the Fleet SDS mobile application. This powerful combination ensures the highest safety possible.
We started a partnership with Berkshire Hathaway GUARD Insurance Companies in a fleet technology pilot project. Their decision to participate in this proof-of-concept pilot project is a reflection of their commitment to the safety of the drivers they insure. The Scottsdale 9-1-1 fleet is one of the first ambulance fleets in the country to have Safe Drive Systems as well. The RD140 Anti-Collision Radar System can be installed in any vehicle manufactured after 2006.

“SDS is a superior system and I highly recommend it. It has prevented collisions twice since it was installed” 

 Dave, Virginia

The RD-140 System


The first component of the RD-140 System is the Anti-Collision Radar – whose sole mission is to drastically reduce rear-end collisions. By scanning the road ahead 20 times per second out to a distance of 460 feet, it continuously calculates the safe stopping distance between your vehicle AND the vehicles in front.  The radar provides advanced warnings in any weather or lighting conditions. This means that the radar provides warnings even in direct sun glare, rain, snow, fog or nighttime where adequate light may not be present.
The second component of the RD-140 System is its Lane Departure/Pedestrian Detection Optic Sensor that provides warnings when the vehicle begins to deviate from its lane unintentionally and crosses the lane markings and the detection of pedestrians dangerously crossing in front of their vehicle.

Why Forward Collision and Lane Departure Warning?


  • 93% of all accidents are due to human error – with driver inattention being the primary cause.
  • 60% of road accident fatalities are due to unintentional lane departure.
  • 90% of rear-end collisions could be avoided with as little as 1.5 seconds of advanced warning
  • 40% of rear-end collisions happen without any brakes being applied.
  • The average cost of a non-fatal accident, per the NHTSA, is $16,000. When fatalities or injuries are present, this cost can easily have the potential of reaching millions.

Why Safe Drive Systems?

  • The only radar-based anti-collision system in the aftermarket space integrated with a telematics suite (SDS- FLEET).
  • Provides up to 5 Seconds of advanced warning to any potential accident.
  • Provides warning of unintentional lane departure, 1.5 seconds warning prior to crossing the lane.
  • Radar scans the road ahead 460 feet
  • Unaffected by weather or other adverse conditions.
  • Certified installers.
  • 3-year warranty.
  • Over 100,000 systems on the roads saving lives.


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