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Safe Drive Systems is the leading developer and distributor of collision avoidance and lane departure warning systems in the aftermarket arena.

Being the only radar AND camera based system in the aftermarket space, fleet managers across the globe are turning to Safe Drive’s RD-140 collision avoidance system to help reduce the risk of accidents and the skyrocketing costs associated them.

The RD-140’s advanced radar and camera technologies provide real-time analysis and warning of potentially dangerous driving conditions, even before they occur, keeping your drivers alert and prepared.

It’s like having an extra pair of eyes on the road. The RD-140 system scans the road ahead 20 times per second, constantly measuring the distance and speed of your vehicle, AND the vehicles in front.  The system’s visual and audible alerts keep your drivers’ attention on the road, while helping to provide continuous safe driving distances.

Because the RD-140 is radar based, the system provides advanced warning in any weather or lighting conditions. This means that the system provides warnings even in direct sun glare, rain, snow, fog or the dead of night where street lights may not be present, or are knocked out due to weather.

The RD-140’s lane departure camera provides warnings when the vehicle begins to deviate from its lane (when there is no turn signal), prior to crossing the lane markings.

The RD-140 provides an additional 5 seconds of early warning, allowing your drivers enough time to avoid the accident.


Why Forward Collision and Lane Departure Warning?

  • 93% of all accidents are due to human error – with driver inattention being the primary cause 1
  • 60% of road accident fatalities are due to unintentional lane departure 2
  • Nearly 90% of rear-end collisions could be avoided with as little as 1.5 seconds of advanced warning 3
  • 40% of rear-end collisions happen without any brakes being applied 4
  • The average cost of a non-fatal accident, per the NHTSA, is $16,000. When fatalities or injuries are present, this cost can skyrocket 5
  • Automatic breaking systems react at the very last second before impact, which usually results in some damage or adverse effect. A warning system can keep the auto-breaking system from needing to activate by telling the driver that they need to pay attention or react NOW, before the brakes slam on!


Why Safe Drive Systems?

  • The only radar and camera based system in the aftermarket space
  • Provides up to 5 seconds of advanced warning to a potential accident
  • Provides warning of unintentional lane departure, 1.5 seconds prior to crossing the lane
  • Radar scans the road ahead 460 feet
  • Certified installers
  • 3-year warranty
  • Over 100000 systems on the roads saving lives


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