Getting older used to mean driving less. Not anymore.

People over 50 are feeling younger, more adventurous and more independent than ever before, and, as such, there has been a steady increase in licensed older drivers over the past 20 years. Not surprisingly, there has also been a notable increase in front end collisions and car accidents. Experts attribute these increases to changes in perception, vision, hearing and reaction time that occurs with aging.

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The good news is that many older drivers are now keeping themselves and their loved ones safe while on the road with the use of anti-collision systems. In fact, the National Highway Transportation and Safety Administration (NHTSA) recently released a statement saying that all vehicles should be equipped with anti-collision technology.

Safe Drive Systems offers an advanced anti-collision radar system (the RD-140 Premier Plus), which provides drivers with instant audio and visual alerts if they get too close to the car in front of them or if they stray outside of their lane.

Safe Drive Systems’ RD-140 provides the extra few seconds that could mean the difference between a fatal accident or just a close call.

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I feel much better when she is driving with this system installed. It offers us peace of mind that is priceless. Thank you!

Wilsy T, NJ

I have spent the last two days driving on the highway and I am delighted your system works just as it promises in your ads. Great!

Eleanor, Astoria, NY

The system is also making me much more conscious about drifting out of my lane… Thank you for a good product and excellent staff.

Susan, Pittsburg, PA

Thank you

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