Safe Drive Systems uses advanced radar and camera technologies to constantly monitor your distance from vehicles ahead of you and help you avoid unintended lane departures.

This real-time analysis and warning of potentially dangerous driving conditions helps prevent serious or fatal injuries to you and your family.

Safe Drive Systems offers two products — the RD-140, which includes the Forward Collision Radar and Lane Departure Camera, and the RD-140-RDR, which includes only the Forward Collision Warning system.

RD-140 System features

RD-140 System
  • Display unit provides advanced visual and audio warnings for collision avoidance and lane departures
  • Radar scans the road 20 times per second
  • Camera gives lane departure warning 0.5 seconds before crossing lane
  • Monitors all types of vehicles – including motorcycles and bicycles – up to 460 feet ahead
  • Works effectively in all weather conditions – day or night
  • Convenient professional installation at your home or office
  • Includes a 12-month warranty

Why drivers choose RD-140

Within 24 hours of my installation I was saved from a serious impact caused by a careless driver who made a sudden turn without using his signal. I am a safe driver, but drivers in Pittsburgh are very aggressive. I highly recommend the Safe Drive Systems. The staff are so polite and helpful. Also my car is expensive and would be very expensive to repair. Thank you Safe Drive Systems.

Bradley HARDY

I have a 67-year old dad who drives a lot. I used to be very concerned about his safety on the road before I bought Safe Drive Systems. Your device certainly helps keep him safe and allows him to maintain his freedom. I am grateful to Safe Drive Systems for keeping my family safe.


Thanks to my Safe Drive Systems technology, I don’t worry anymore about being distracted by my children when I’m driving. I used to feel very insecure about my family’s safety while we were on the road because my kids were always playing games and screaming in the car. Now, I easily overcome these distractions with my RD-140 Radar from Safe Drive Systems.


Collision Warning Systems

Proper Distance

Proper Distance

Display Green Indicator

Unsafe Distance

Unsafe Distance

Display Orange Alert

Dangerous Distance

Dangerous Distance

Display Red Alert,
Audible Alert

Risk of Collision

Risk of Collision

Display Red Flashing Alert,
Rapid Audible Alert

Lane Departure Warning

Lane Deviation

Visual and audible lane deviation alert when the vehicle drifts out-of-lane.

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